​Pure Prairie League

On the album “Bustin’ Out” – “The songs are meditative portraits of relationships that aren’t running smoothly but are still alive, and they sound autobiographical rather than something contrived to sell records. These tunes are presented with grace and unusual taste, the country guitars and vocal harmonies backed with astonishingly sympathetic string arrangements…” – Richard Foss, All Music

​Pure Prairie League ~ Friday, March 6th!

See them live at The Lyric Theatre, Stuart, FL - Friday, March 6, 2015 at 7:00 PM  lyrictheatre.com

With hits like “Amie” and “Let Me Love You Tonight,” Pure Prairie League is one of America’s most cherished country-rock bands. After a decade of silence, Pure Prairie League was reborn in 1998 and have continued touring ever since. Credited with bringing country rock music to a national audience in the 1970s, Pure Prairie League have continued the tradition, selling out shows across the United States to audiences young and old.


Sauce Boss

Gumbo is a combination of many things. Okra (known as gumbo in Africa) came from Africa. The roux came from France. The File’ (ground sassafras leaves) came from Native American.The crawdads, shrimp, oysters, crabs came from the ponds and gulf waters around Louisiana. The dish “Gumbo” contains the culture as well as the ingredients gathered by the Creole cooks living on the Bayou. The Creole people, like the dish, are a mixture of African American, Native American, French, Spanish, English, and Caribbean peoples. So this is more than a metaphor. This is life – a huge melting pot – a rainbow – a culture AND… it’s the future!” – Bill Wharton

​Pure Prairie League

“I don’t think anybody who puts together or joins a rock ’n’ roll band ever thinks it’s going to last 45 years but it’s just one of those serendipitous things. We had our eye on something and sort of kept to it and it still seems to work this way.” – Mike Reilly


“Probably my favorite was the very beginning with Randy, Jimmy, Richie and I. That was a great time. I think the impact we had, whether people recognize it or not, that brought about the Eagles and brought about Ricky Nelson coming back into playing music, the whole genre … it really came out of those days at the Troubadour when we hit. We were great, we were really something special.” – Rusty Young